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Title: Warped
Part: Prologue
Genre: AU
Pairing: a bunch of rockstars paired with OFC's based off of my friends. because they begged me to.
Summary: Love and the Warped Tour.
Disclaimer: I only own my characters.

My name is Mikhailya Erin Nikolayevna.
And I just got the opportunity of a lifetime.
But before that...

I was born November 5 - Guy Fawkes’ Day - 1980, to an Irish Catholic mother and a Russian Jewish father in Chicago, Illinois.
My father immigrated to America as a teen in the 1950’s, at the height of the Cold War. My mother spent her entire life in the Irish suburbs of Chicago, where her family boasted one of the oldest and purest Celtic blood lines.
As you can imagine, holidays were an odd affair in my family. I celebrated the eight nights of Hanukkah with my dad, and Christmas with my mum- who never really celebrated the religious side of it to begin with. Half of my cards would be written in Russian, the others would be written in English.
See, you never knew Chrismukkah existed before the OC, now did you?
Growing up, I lived next door to Mayghaen Tavney. She, along with Naimh Corrigan, were my best friends throughout my childhood.
We stuck together, even when we reached high school, but added an Italian to our gang of three: Elissa Way, and sometimes, her older brother Gerard.
Our high school years were at the height of the grunge/alternative movement. Being from Chicago we were, of course, devoted Smashing Pumpkins fans and nabbed tickets to every single show.
That era also inspired us to pick up music.
May got a drum kit for her birthday, Elissa got a summer job and a guitar, and I bought a bass with my Chrismukkah money. Naimh got off easy - she’d always had a talent for singing, which Gerard, being a very talented vocalist himself, helped her to develop.
We jammed on weekends but never came up with anything solid. We had lots of fun, though, and that’s all that mattered.
After we all graduated in 1998, I went to DePaul University to become a history teacher with a minor in philosophy and Russian studies. Naimh, May, and Ellie all went to different universities in the state, but we hardly saw each other. Still, we kept in touch and individually worked on our musical skills. The person that didn’t go away, though, was Gerard. He was studying art at DePaul, and even though he was a senior by the time I got there, we grew close and he helped me get through my classes. I’d always had something of a crush on him and it grew to a mammoth size during those years, but I kept it quiet. To him, I would always just be his kid sister’s best friend.
I graduated in 2002 and landed a job teaching American history at a junior high not far from where I went to college. The pay wasn’t great and neither was the school, but I got to stay in Belmont, my favourite suburb of Chicago, so life was okay.
After about a year I got antsy. I had kept up my bass as a hobby but I wanted to do more. Naimh, Ellie, and May eventually wandered back to my side of the city and Queen Anne’s Revenge was born. We blended our eclectic tastes together to create a new brand of epic punk rock.
Over the next couple of years we got bigger and bigger. Quickly I realised I couldn’t be a rockstar AND a teacher, so I handed in my two weeks notice and got a skull and crossbones tattoo on my neck, high enough that it could never be covered by a collar and no school would ever hire me.
The day before we were set to record our first LP, we played a big show at the Doubledoor. The show was packed, but Naimh was pissed. She and Gerard had been involved for some time - none of us was sure why, because all they did was fuck and fight. Well, the day before that show, Gerard told her it was over. She sang the first few songs in a rage, but during the middle of “Mother of War” she threw down her microphone and stormed off the stage. We stood stunned amongst the feedback, until Gerard jumped on stage and picked up where his ex had left off.
He nailed every single lyric.
There was no question that he was now in the band.
After tweaking the lyrics to make them “Gee-cized,” we recorded the LP. Six months later, The Master and Margarita, a set of songs mixing horror movies and Russian literature named after my favourite novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, was released on Sub Pop Records. A month after its release, we received a call from a man named Brian Schecter. He loved the LP and asked us if we would like to tour with Pencey Prep, a band he was managing in New Jersey. We were psyched, and accepted.
For the next year we raised hell across the country. The LP sold well at every show and the few reviews we got were full of praise.
Then, in January 2007, we got the call of our career.
“How would you guys like to do Warped Tour?”

Warped wasn’t to start for another couple of months, but we were already excited and had a good feeling about it. May’s long time boyfriend, Rafael Bloomley, had been hired on as a drum tech, and Pencey Prep had landed a slot on the bill, which meant their guitarist and vocalist, Frank Iero, could keep dating Ellie.
The next couple of months were spent preparing for the tour. More copies of the demo were made and Gerard started designing t-shirts for us.
I never told anyone, but I loved to watch him draw- it was beautiful, the way it consumed him, how he would stare intently at the paper, his pen never stopping, his lower lip bitten, locks of black hair falling in his eyes.
One month before the tour we did a photo shoot for the tour programs and had to pick a song for the tour sampler CD- we unanimously decided on “Venom.”
The day before we were to fly out to Maine to kick off the tour, the Irish and Italian communities of Chicago’s north side banded together for a huge party of corned beef, linguine, and (thanks to my dad) latkes. Before we headed off to O’Hare airport, my dad tearfully pressed a new hardback copy of The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy into my hands.
On the plane, I sat (much to my pleasure) next to Gerard. He drew and I pretended to read Tolstoy but watched Gerard out of the corner of my eye.
He was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.
Until we landed in Maine and I met Ray.



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