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just a couple of girls who wanna date rockstars.

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Who We Are

Hello! You've stumbled upon May-T (pronounced "matey," yes, like a pirate), the fangirly works of Mayghaen (mayghaen) and Joyce (burn_allempires). We love writing fanfiction or any sort of fiction at all and this is where we post it all. Mostly we write separately but this summer we plan to write together, so stay tuned. :]

Rules of the Community
The membership for this community is restricted. Posting is limited to the writers only, but members can comment all they want. In addition, membership is required to read the full length stories, but we will make the first part of each of our stories public so you can get a taste and see what we're like before you dive in. Oh, and if you do comment... please try to be nice, okay? We're all sensitive souls here.

Just so you know...
Okay, so maybe we're not the most original writers out there, but romance is a hard genre to be original in. We just like to write. And re-use a lot of the same characters. If you don't like it, we're not making you read it.